I'm Ajith V RJ.

Game Designer.

Intro :Me

Welcome to my portfolio, where I bring stories to life through the immersive medium of games. I believe that everything is a story, from a daily morning walk to the act of going to work. With games, the story becomes interactive, offering endless possibilities and unexpected turns. As a game designer and developer, I am fascinated by the power of choice and consequence, and I strive to create experiences that challenge, inspire, and entertain players.

My Skills


Unreal Engine

Game Design

Level Design

Creative writing

Media Studies

My Projects


Engine: Unity3D.
This is the latest project I am working on with team. We are in early open testing stage. The game is targeting PC and android. We are currently looking for publishers, feel free to contact me if you are intrested and would like to get to know more.

  • Game cenematic:
  • GamePlay early testing by youtube content creator:

Save Thy Body

Engine: Unity3D.
This is a tower defence game, were players take the role of the body trying to fight invaders. Enjoyed making it for my uni project.


Engine: Unity3D.
This is a casual reflex oriended game. Players need to make expressions with floating numbers which move around fast, to make the equation valid. Used regex to compare and create random puzzles and veryy expressions. Enjoyed making it for my uni project.


Engine: Unreal .
This was my final project with a teammate(graphic desinger). The game is a 3rd person puzzle platformer. It ended up winning an award as the best project due to our persentaion, at the event, and many players voted it the most intresting game at the public venue. Used a mixture of Blueprints and C++ code, a lot of the narrative and countent could not make it into the prototype unfortunately.

Rambo Sheep

Engine: Unity3D.
I wanted to make a funny violent game, and that was the inspiration for rambo sheep. there were restrictions time for game devlopment one day time.


Engine: GameMaker.
I wanted to continue with a space story about an alein species of Breakfast condiments, who travel the multiverse policing and ensuring the universe does not collapse. so far there is no evidence to suggest there is no such force (LoL).


Engine: HTML5.
This was an under 12KB game challenge(the game is 12 Kb after compression 14 Kb pre). I expored a theme which i attepted many a times in Uni, expanding basic games but exaggarating a core element of the game,this game was inspired by the ol' classic ROCK PAPER SISSORS

Contact Me


Email: ajithvrj@gmail.com